Celebrate Black History all year long by taking charge of your health!

The Power to Choose You is in your hands! It’s time to reconnect, recharge and take care of your health. Click here to download a flyer on how to take charge of your health.

Also, in August 2020, Missourians voted to expand Medicaid eligibility. Now adults ages 19-64 are eligible, if:

  • you are single and make up to $18,756 a year; or
  • a working family of four making up to $38,304 a year.

If you are eligible and don’t have health insurance, consider applying for Medicaid. It covers primary and preventative care, outpatient care, emergency room services, medications and allows you to get your eyes and teeth checked.

We fought for Medicaid expansion, now the power to choose it is yours! Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to apply or see if you qualify.

Visit https://www.stlrhc.org/current-work/coverstl/ for more resources.

Watch the latest “What Matters to Me Most” Podcast. Click here

Watch our “What Matters to Me Most” Podcast. Click here