What Matters to Me Most
What Matters to Me Most

New Podcast Focuses on People of Color and COVID-19 Vaccination

“What Matters to Me Most” is a new podcast by PrepareSTL, a unified COVID-19 communications and outreach campaign, that was born when deciding what information Black St. Louisans and other people of color wanted to know about vaccination. Instead of guessing what information to communicate, the PrepareSTL team decided to ask more than 100 people, “When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, what matters to me most is . . .”

The question produced such a diverse range of perspectives that the team realized many people are making decisions about vaccination based on inadequate information. Thus, “What Matters to Me Most” is a new podcast that centers community voice to explore the overarching themes of equity, safety, impact, access and transparency as it relates to the COVID-19 vaccines. It provides thorough, timely and transparent information. Host LJ Punch, MD, trauma and emergency surgeon, helps viewers make informed decisions by focusing on what matters to them most. The choice whether or not to vaccinate is theirs. To watch the podcast, visit www.preparestl.com/podcast or YouTube.

The PrepareSTL website and YouTube channel also include four initial starter videos that provide an overall picture of what people need to consider when protecting themselves and their family from COVID-19. The four videos are called:

  • Virus 101
  • Vaccine 101
  • Healthy Immune System 101
  • The Choice is Yours

A new installment of the “What Matters to Me Most” podcast will be uploaded to the website and YouTube channel every Friday evening for the next three months.